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About Us

About Us

The Start

Riviera Polymers Private Limited was envisaged in 1982. The organisation had to become a mark to reckon with in manufacture of Colour and Additive Concentrates and Special Thermoplastic Compounds. Two decades on, we are living as 'Brand Riviera and remain front-runner manufacturer of high quality Masterbatches and Speciality Thermoplastic Compounds in India. The long drive over two decades has come thru manifold phases. It's been a constant introspection to come better and with the indispensable 'MORE' every time we went for a new search.

The Heritage of Excellence

Quality at the Heart of Everything

'What Next'...many a times and for years, for that every reason of evolution and for that every purpose we came into for...the search within never ended. Riviera Polymers just like every value driven organisation subscribes to a culture. The culture that inculcates and communicates Quality, Improvement, Research and measurable benefits.

Riviera puts lot of emphasis on bettering every move as posted earlier. Every glance and observation at plant extends our message of attempting a new perfection. The plant is endowed with world's most renowned blending & dispersion plant from Japan. And to further this, a Quality Control lab in technical Consultancy with CIPET, Ahmedabad (a top authority in Thermoplastic testing technology in India.) is in place.

The lab meets every contemporary call in technology and the closely knit family of Chemists, Engineers and other manpower add to the strength of the organisation.

Riviera and Research

Our Nexus with Our DNA

What better way to comment on our Research and its place in our organisations. We meet our vision thru the years spent and dedicated in Research. It's an absolute 'MUST' that has to pave new vistas and better floors for our progress and performance. Product research is a business of challenges for us.

The industry and the world demands cutting edge solutions and product expectations must yield results. Polymers and plastic applications being element applications, they must help companies break free. Riviera products are made thru a diligent exercise harnessing the fine tuned equations of cost optimisation and value addition.

The ultimate parameters on quality control and production technology assure the finest output. The foreword integration thru excellent distribution system across the country assures integrated management exercise and prove a model in customer service. The substantial contribution in our research initiatives has brought our customers unflinching dependability, efficiency and compatibility.

Brand Riviera Vision

Innovative Leadership

Pioneering the future, Brand Riviera envisions innovation in manufacturing, systems, and customer service embracing challenges to achieve excellence and provide superior performance for every application.

Holistic Excellence

Committed to excellence at every level, Brand Riviera undertakes challenges to refine manufacturing, systems, processes, and customer service, fostering continuous improvement and precision with each dawn.

Future-Aligned Precision

Brand Riviera's vision is to live as an innovator, aligning with a future-focused perspective. Every challenge met, every improvement made, adds precision to our commitment of excellence.

The Riviera Balance

Business Equation of a Different Kind

More is Less for More!!

More the Riviera More the Returns

With every other percentage of Riviera compound you add, it’s a new equation you reach as you fine tune your cost constraints and redefine the returns. And of course along comes a new Avatar, the unexpected form, still just what you expected. Moreover, you can always find your best match across a multihued spectrum.

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