Nylon 6 - is made from polycondensation of caprolactam. It is also called as Polycaprolactam , Polyamide or PA 6. It is a semicrystalline polyamide and has good weldability. It is used in injection molding, blow moulding and extrusion.

Nylon 66 - is made from polycondensation of adipic acid with hexamethylene diamine. It is also called as Polyhexamethylenedipamide, Adipic Acid Hexamediamine Polymer, Polyamide 66 or PA 66. It has very high melting point, high tensile strength, elasticity, toughness and abrasion resistance. It is mainly used in injection moulding and extrusion moulding.

Riviera Polymers offers various injection molding grades of lubricated Nylon 6 & 66 in Natural & all colors. We also do grades with Glass Fibre / Beads reinforced, Mineral filled, Mos2 filled, Flame Retardant, Heat Stabilised, UV Stabilised & combination of these, customised as per customer requirements in Prime & Industrial Series

Considering the outstanding propertie of Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 material, these have become indispensable in almost all fields of engineering for the most varied components and machine components, as high-quality electrical insulating materials and for many other special applications. Nylon is exceptional for its high mechanical strength, rigidity and thermal stability. Moreover, Nylon affords good impact resistance even at low temperatures, advantages sliding friction properties and problem-free processing. It is mainly used in Automobile, Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Textiles industries.

We offer Nylon’6 & Nylon’66 such as unfilled, glass filled & others compounded grades.

bullet Unfilled, Filled, Heat Stabilized, Lubricated
bullet 10 - 40% Glass filled : Colors
bullet Specific Glass and Mineral combination grades
bullet Mineral filled grades
bullet Pre-colored compounds in each grades
bullet Tailor-made grades

Above are standard grades offered in various colors starting from Natural tone. We can also offer custom designed compounds and colours of various grades.

General Specifications

Reinforcements :

  • Glass fiber – various length and diameters
  • Glass beads – Warp-page control and surface finish
  • Glass Hollow spheres - Part weight reduction
  • Carbon Fiber & Nano Tubes
Fillers :
  • Wollastonite / Talc / Calcite / Clay / Mica / BaSo4
  • Nano Filler compounds
Additives :
  • Flame retardant ( RoHS compliant )
  • UV Stabilizers
  • Heat Stabilizers
  • Chemical coupling of glass
  • Colors / Pigments ( RoHS Compliant

Applications of Nylon 6 & Nylon 66

Automobile Industry:

Electrical/Electronics Industry:

Engineering Industry:

Textile Industry:





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