What is Masterbatch?

These are predispersed Colour / Additives concentrates available in different thermoplastics base and in different concentration of Colourants / Additives as per the requirements and applications.

While manufacture of Masterbatches, concentration & selection of Colourants, Additives and Carrier Resins is very critical. It needs careful study of its own properties, processing conditions, end use requirements and matrix material. So Masterbatches are manufactured according to customers applications and end use requirements of the plastics. These selections are summarized as follow:

1. Selection of Colourants

Colourants can be classified as organic and inorganics. Pigments vary considerably in their properties. Suitability of pigment in a particular polymeric material would depend upon its own properties vis-a-vis

1) Processing conditions
a) Temperature b) Environment c) Ingredients
2) End use requirements of
    the Plastic like
a) Light fastness b) Resistance to
c) Toxicity &
    Conductivity etc.

2. Selection of Additive / Filler 

Like Colourants, many other types of additives / fillers can be perfectly added / dispersed to modify / reinforce certain properties of the plastic according to its applications & requirements. The most common additive / fillers are Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Mica CMS, Stabillizers, Antistatic Agents, Slip Agents, Anti-slip Agents, Anti-blocking Agents, Foaming Agents, Flame-retardants, UV Stabilizers and so on.

3. Selection of Carrier Resins

Suitability of base polymeric material depends upon the matrix like PVC, Polyolefines, Styrene Polymers, Acrylic, Polyester, Polyurethane, Nylon, Poly Carbonate, Polyacetal, Polysulfone, Elastomers, Glass / Mineral / Additive filled resin and so on. It also depends upon its processing methods like extrusion of Single / Multilayer film, Cable, Pipe, Monofilament, Multi-filament, Strapping, Lamination, Insulation, Profiles etc. and moulding like Injection, Blow, Stretch Blow, Compression, Rotational etc.

Careful selection of the proper carrier resin is vital. It should be the same as the matrix resin or closely equivalent to the matrix resin. It may be of slightly easier flow characteristics than the matrix resins. It is sometimes possible to utilize carrier resins other than of the matrix provided a slight loss of physical properties can be tolerated.

Some so-called universal concentrates are currently being offered. The term universal is a misnomer, because no one carrier is acceptable for the entire range of thermoplastic resins. Better terminology is 'broad use' or 'multipurpose concentrates' which are compatible with a group of resins.

4. Forms Available

Colour Masterbatches can be provided in particle size ranging from fine powder to the normal 1/8 inch pellet. The smaller sizes might promote more accurate and efficient incorporation of the concentrate, but there can be problems such as shifting or separation due to static electricity. A pellet size somewhat smaller than that of the matrix resin is preferred. This will increase the ratio of available colour particles to Natural pellets, with a minimum of other problems.

5. About Our Products

RIVIERA is manufacturing Mineral filled Masterbatches specially for PP/HDPE woven fabrics & Sacks application. It is specially tailored to gain maximum efficiency in each customer's application while at the same time giving him the lowest possible cost. However it can be used for other applications also due to its compatibility with Polyolefin group of resins like LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HM etc.

For careful selection and more detail, please refer Product Brochure - "Antifab / Filler Masterbatches"

We welcome your request for Concentrates to satisfy your special needs. Concentrates based on carrier resins other than Polyolefin can on request be developed and supplied as per customer's application. Our organization is technically flexible and will be pleased to work with you in creating new, innovative products. In fact, we are a manufacturing laboratory set up to react quickly to customer request no matter how exotic. Field engineering help is always available.



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