Base Resin





Natural White

Thermal Stability


2300C for half an hour



Transparent in Nature (Translucent)

Moisture Content


0.05% ( 0.01%)



Compatible with all Polyolefin resin like LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, HM HDPE, MDPE etc.

Processing Parameters


It has been formulated in such a way that it can run easily at normal processing parameters.



PP/HDPE Raffia Tapes & Fibres, Polyolefins / HM Films, Mono / Multifilament, Moulded Furnitures / Articles, Lamination etc.



25 Kgs. Net granules packed in Woven bag having liner inside to protect it from dust & moisture.

Special Features

  • It has been formulated to process in a such way that it can take abuse of high speed as well as low speed extrusion to give the required output and result.

  • It can regularize the normal production without Any wastage and loss of time.

  • It maintains Natural clarity of Polymers so, no need to increase Colour Master-batches for required colour shade.

  • It increases productivity.

How to Use

  • Pre-heating gives more improved results.

  • Mixing should be through with Polymer granules.

  • It should be stored in dry place.

  • Avoid direct Sunlight.


  • Less filter / Screen chocking so minimal down time.

  • Less wear & tear to the machinery.

  • Minimize denier and width variation and Wastage.

  • Optimises the Rigidity / impact strength and increase stiffness.

  • Maintains good Tensile Strength.

RIVIERA recommends use PRM white (TR) by weight with Polymer, depending upon the requirement of final product and processing conditions. However the percentage of use can vary from machine to machine depending upon actual processing conditions and end products requirements.


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