Anti - Fab / Filler Masterbathches


RIVIERA introduces Mineral filled Antifab Masterbatches having high loading of Ultrafine Mineral Fillers in a Polyolefin base Resin. Minerals and base resins are carefully selected specially for PP / HDPE Woven Fabrics & Sacks application. However, it can be used in other applications also like Moulding, Monofilaments, Film Extrusion, Lamination etc. All Masterbatches have been formulated for ease of incorporation to any Polyolefin resin and acceptability for food contact applications. It is supplied in Pellet form (under water cut). By using these Materbatches you will get following Technological advantages / benefits.

  • The Primary objective is cost reduction. It reduces cost. Property improvement is considered as a bonus.

  • It reduces the fibrillation and splitting tendency of Types under mechanical stress.

  • It reduces slipperiness of the Tape surface which helps in better winding of the tapes and better stacking of Woven bags.

  • It enhances dart drop and tear resistance.

  • It improves printability and barrier properties.

  • It increases dimensional stability and reduces width and Denier variations.

  • It improves the Rigidity / Impact Strength.

  • It improves thermal stability and processing.

  • It increases stiffness.

  • It increases output.

  • It reduces process waste.

Presently we are manufacturing following PRM White masterbathches.

  1. PRM White (M)

  2. PRM White (BT)

  3. PRM White (TR)

Caco3 / Talc used in above masterbatches are of Ultrafine mesh size and dispersed homogeneously in the base resin. For bonding between Caco3 / Talc and Polymer matrix, special additives are used in correct proportions. When it is added to any Polymer, it gets easily coupled with it and does not migrate out at the time of processing and subsequent manufacturing operations. It imparts extra stuffness to the tape / fabric. Natural mineral used does not causes any environmental problems and has food grade approval.

We also welcomes your request for Masterbatch / Compound to satisfy your special needs for other than above products if any.



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